Fiber work has been a metaphor for life and creation across all cultures. The turning and spinning of raw material into life supporting items. Warmth and transportation, art and communication. Symbols woven and colors chosen for their magical properties. Spindle witch is about reclaiming history and traditions as skills for the practical and the fanciful.

Look forward to essays on slower ways of being, spindle reviews, as well as fiber arts through the lens of witchcraft.


A lot of things are mechanized these days.  I will never bash machines because after all machines and tech are as complicated as quantum computers and as simple as a weighted stick. But I do think there is something to be said about process especially regarding the handicrafts. The spring shearing season nudged me to …

knot work

as fiber witches know spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving…. insert any fiberwork…is inherently creation work.  Taking a raw material and giving it an intention or purpose.  One of my favorite simple but powerful spells involve knotwork. knot work can be done with virtually anything you can tie in knots. for me.  for particularly potent spellwork– I …



Brianna Getz is a textile designer located in K’ómoks territory. Passionate about women’s history, folklore and the magic surrounding women’s work and the fiber arts, she is heavily influenced and inspired by her own heritage in creating beautiful and sacred everyday heirloom quality textiles.  Brianna holds a B.A. in history which grounds her from floating off in her writings and speculations on the esoteric.

You can follow her weaving work at or on facebook