knot work

as fiber witches know spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving…. insert any fiberwork…is inherently creation work.  Taking a raw material and giving it an intention or purpose.  One of my favorite simple but powerful spells involve knotwork.

knot work can be done with virtually anything you can tie in knots.

for me.  for particularly potent spellwork– I like to turn to my spindles.  selecting each tool with purpose– fitting each tool to the task at hand.  Carefully going through my fiber collection, choosing the fiber to reflect the intention of the spell.

today I sat in ceremony spinning for communities, the one in which I reside and another I know nothing about.

for safe crossings to the otherworld.

for peace.



for protection.

for compassion.

for love

3 ply tussah silk.

braided 3 by 3.

knotted by 9.

two in the apple tree

two in the rose tree.